Launches and Landings

Watch students learn to launch and land a paraglider.

High above Bright

A tandem flies high above Mystic - our main flying site near Bright, North Eastern Victoria.

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a relatively new sport in Australia. Developed in the late 80's, advances in safety & performance have been phenominal. We started out flying gliders that were little more than a square parachute and the current generation of wings have developed into very safe, easy to fly, high performance wings capable of achieving glide angles of 10 to 1.

How do you launch/fly a paraglider?

You simply lay the glider out on the slope of a suitable hill, as you take a few steps forward the glider rises above your head, you then continue to run down the slope until the glider gains airspeed, once it has sufficient airspeed it lifts you away from the slope "you're flying". Once airborne you sit in a very comfortable harness & steer the glider with 2 steering toggles. Watch the video above to see for yourself how easy it is.

It sounds easy.

It is easy, we have taught 3000 + people aged between 15 & 50 to fly paragliders. The first day normally consists of around 3 hours on a gentle training slope in the morning getting used to the equipment, learning to launch & land the glider. Then in the afternoon we usually go to a suitable hill for your first high flights under radio supervision of 2 instructors, one at the launch point & the other in the landing field. Depending on the conditions & the site we use on the day we sometimes have you flying a tandem glider with an instructor in the rear guiding you. An average training day consists of 4 to 8 flights from hills 900 to 1500 feet high.


There is a component of theory involved with licence courses, this is delivered in a powerpoint presentation and explained clearly by our instructors.

How fit do I have to be?

Paragliding requires a reasonable level of fitness, during the learning process, you will walk up a slope (50ft vertical) with 15kgs of equipment around 10 times, this is normally not a problem unless you are particularly unfit.You will also need to be able to take in new information quickly and have good co-ordination skills

Is it Safe?

As with any form of aviation there are risks, however with proper instruction from certified instructors (certified by the HGFA Australia's governing body for paragliding) and modern certified paragliders these risks are minimal. If you learn correctly & follow suitable progression rates there is no reason you should have an accident.

Is it expensive?

A new current model paraglider & harness will cost you a little under $5000

Reasonable second hand gear will cost around $2500 although you need a professional to inspect second hand gear before buying it - remember you will be hanging thousands of feet above the earth on this thing!


You can enjoy paragliding on many levels from soaring along 100 ft above coastal ridge in a smooth sea breeze, enjoying a sunset flight in magic early evening air - to thermalling up to 12,000 feet above majestic high mountains & flying cross country for 100s of kilometers. The current Australian distance record is 335 kilometers, this flight took around 7 hours.