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Paragliding Licence Courses

Our HGFA approved 9 Day Licence Course is a very intensive training course designed to coach you to a standard where you will be able to progress in the sport safely under the help and guidance of your local clubs and pilots. We offer training in both coastal and inland aspects of the sport, far above what is required by the HGFA syllabus

What to Expect:

 What to Expect:

On the first morning we meet at 8.30 at our office to assess the weather conditions for the course

After an initial introduction to the sport we spend the morning teaching you to launch and handle the paraglider on gentle slopes close to the ground. After a lunch break we spend the afternoon doing solo flights from low hills or a tandem instructional flight from Mystic 500 metres above Bright.

Successive days consist of multiple high flights from launch sites suitable to the weather of the day. Expect around 30 flights, focusing initially on take off and landing skills. Once these skills are acquired we move on to ridge soaring and thermalling skills, allowing you to extend your flight times, course participants typically reach heights of around 2500 feet during these flights.

We often complete the course in Bright flying as many of the local sites as possible during the 9 days spent here. When time permits we take you out to the sites around Melbourne's west coast and give you an induction day on these sites this is included in the course fee.


Combined with the flying is an element of theory. We take great effort to conduct the theory in a natural environment, discussing it as it occurs on the hill or in the landing paddock but there is also a necessary element of classroom theory. The classroom theory is delivered via a powerpoint presentation and explained clearly by our instructors.


If you know you are going to continue with the sport talk to us about our discount gear purchase packages available to our students only.

Included in the course cost is a copy of "Paragliding Learn To Fly". This DVD will enable you to grasp most of the concepts prior to doing the course and accelerate the learning process.

On all of our courses we have 2 instructors and a driver, this ensures that you are not wasting time standing around in the landing area and get the maximum amount of flights

Course Cost:

Cost for the 9 day licence course is $2000 . Cost includes all equipment, instruction, local club membership and transport to training and flying sites from our office in Wandiligong.

Note: The Hang Gliding Federation Of Australia requires annual membership after completion of the licence course

You can book your course via email